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Design & Development

Creative developer who loves to make cool stuff. Printing industry, manage e-commerce, business, sales, marketing.

DivDesign – simply service

We have created DivDesign to serve a small and regional business with the web design solutions we develop. We are creating a great looking websites for affordable openly advertised prices and growing a following of users. By adding our web design solution to your business operation you will influence the way your business perform and will not have rely on uncertain market conditions or pay high commission to the providers. The solution (website, app) is owned by you. When time comes to update or make any changes we are here with our support so you do not have to pay high fees and another designer for updates.

We want to serve small businesses, one man operations and well.., everybody who needs decent online presence. Should you be starting recruiter, real estate agent, photographer or double glazing fitter, we have a package for you that will work and is reasonably priced. Our websites are designed on the back of proven user experience methodology. In fact the website you see – our website, is build on the very same technologies and on the level you can expect for your website too.

World of knowledge

World of knowledge

Ongoing research

Ongoing learning and research keeps us on the beat with the latest user experience trends and design progress.